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Send Free SMS To Mobilink

for example: 0300 4242424

To send a free SMS message to Mobilink: There are no charges to send SMS to Mobilink and the recipient will not be charged on receiving SMS message.

- Please use above form to send free SMS to Mobilink
- Enter Mobilink mobile number of recipient in above form in a format like 0300 4434343
- Enter your message and click on Send button
- You can enter upto 130 characters in a single message
- We will forward your message to Mobilink mobile number from our mobile number

Mobilink is Pakistan's first telecommunication service provider company and was first founded on 1994 in Islamabad, Pakistan. It has attractive SMS and GPRS packages for both postpaid "Indigo" and prepaid "Jazz".

Mobilink has millions of subscribers in Pakistan that daily sends and receive SMS messages from all over the Pakistan and other countries. Mobilink was first launched by Motorolla Inc, later it was sold to Egyptian based company.

Mobilink have some very good unlimited SMS packages for personal use or commercial use. Here we are providing free service of sending SMS messages to Mobilink mobile numbers with some limitations and only for personal use.